Housing and Affordability

It’s becoming more expensive for renters and homeowners alike, and what we take home is not increasing. Laura will:

  • Create smart policies for affordable housing and support providers like Kiwanis and Indwell.
  • Listen to people being squeezed out of our community on how we can keep our neighbours in their homes.
  • Be flexible and innovative in our solutions and use assets we already have in our communities to address the issues.

Accountability and Communication

We know that many people find accessing City Hall challenging. Let’s take down those barriers! Laura will:

  • Pledge to listen to your voices to inform policies and decisions.
  • Ensure that all calls, emails, and other communications will be responded to in a timely manner.
  • Make herself accessible for your issues, meetings, and more than just photo ops.
  • Have quarterly town halls and regular articles in the Hub papers/newsletters.


We know that getting around Hamilton is difficult to do, whether you drive, cycle, walk or take the bus. It is key to getting to where we all need to go. Laura will:

  • Advocate for increasing reliability and service for transit/buses.
  • Conduct an annual review of our traffic patterns and adjustments like stop signs and speed humps that make sense.
  • Ensure that Ward 3’s roads are included as priorities for maintenance, repairs, and upgrades.

Neighbourhood Safety

Our neighbourhood has risky traffic on our side streets, and there is a huge need for programs for youth and seniors. Laura will:

  • Request further enforcement when dangerous traffic speeding happens on our streets.
  • Promote increased police presence and assistance in reporting to Bylaw and Police Services.
  • Push for more community and social programs in our recreation and public facilities.

Smart Business Development

We can support our Business Improvement Areas further and encourage other owners to fill their spaces by looking at incentives. Laura will:

  • Assist the Business Improvement Areas and small business owners with tax breaks and business development incentives.
  • Work with building owners to fill their vacant storefronts in ways that are compatible with the neighbourhood.
  • Encourage city-wide and smaller developments that match our goals for city building.